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Started in 1980, Crystal Cove Seafood slowly transformed itself from a broker to a trader and, today, to a major importer.

Over a five year span, Crystal Cove made major inroads into countries such as Taiwan, Thailand, India and Bangladesh. In 1986 / 1987 two major joint venture arrangements propelled Crystal Cove deeply into South America and additional Far Eastern countries. The net effect of these arrangements as been to provide Crystal Cove with very timely worldwide sourcing and marketing information. This, coupled with our sales coverage of all USA market segments (wholesalers, traders, retail & restaurant chains and processors), helps our company stay abreast of current market conditions as well as developing trends.

One of the key services Crystal Cove provides is a monthly shrimp newsletter explaining and forecasting the various market strategies. This has proven to be an invaluable guide to many of our customers. We believe an informed customer will be a loyal customer.

About Us


Crystal Cove Seafood a wide variety of Frozen Seafood items. Please choose from the following to learn more!


  • James Salierno

    James Silhouette

    Sales / Purchasing

  • Christine Fiora

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    Assistant Executive Vice President

    Purchasing / Sales

  • Barbara Szczerba

    Female Silhouette 2

  • Bob Gunther

    Male Silhouette 2
    Executive Vice President

    National Sales

  • Rochelle DeGrand

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    Traffic Manager

  • Dolores Post

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  • James Salierno, Jr.

    James Silhouette
    Marketing / Product Development / Technology

  • Sandra Salierno

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    Accounts Payable


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Crystal Cove Seafood Corporation
109 South Tyson Avenue
Floral Park, NY 11001
Tel: 516-354-1135
Fax: 516-354-0584


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